QUIZMO STARTER SET - Buy QUIZMO STARTER SET - Purchase QUIZMO STARTER SET (INFINITOY, Toys & Games,Categories,Electronics for Kids,Learning & Education,Cartridges & Books)
QUIZMO is the fun, interactive handheld quiz game with an electronic brain that knows the answers to 693,135 questions. To play, youll need a QUIZMO and a QUIZMO Flip Bookthe Flips have the questions and QUIZMO has all the answers. The QUIZMO Starter Set includes 1 QUIZMO and 1 QUIZMOs Greatest Hits Flip, featuring 400 all-new questions from 5 top-selling QUIZMO titles, Kids Brain Power Puzzles, Gross & Yucky Human Body, Kids Know-It-All Quiz, How Things Work, Math Madness.
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