V.Smile Baby Infant Development System

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V.Smile Baby Infant Development System
Beam a smile onto your little one’s face and connect her to a world of interactive learning. The V.Smile Baby System goes above and beyond passive developmental videos and offers a breakthrough, interactive approach to learning. A colorful panel fits comfortably in your child’s lap and connects wirelessly to a receiver that hooks right into your TV. The signal works from up to 15 feet away, and won’t falter no matter how high up or low your baby holds it.

With V.Smile Baby, choose from three “Grow with Me” play modes. Select “Play Time” mode on the panel and watch your baby play with the colorful, easy-to-press buttons while hearing fun, educational phrases. Select “Watch and Learn” mode and your baby can enjoy educational videos that come complete with baby sign language. And “Learn and Explore” mode lets your child direct the play on the screen by choosing the subjects he or she wants to explore.

The V.Smile Baby System works with V.Smile Baby Smartridges (sold separately), which slide into the receiver. Each Smartridge features five learning games with 10 different baby signs and teaches skills including colors, numbers, sounds music and shapes. System measures 13″H x 16″W x 4.7″D.

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