VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System

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VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment System
V.Flash offers your child mind-racing video games loaded with a mega voltage of learning! Just like the big kids’ systems, V.Flash packs a powerful punch with MP3-quality sound, streaming video, 3-D graphics and real-life images. But unlike other systems of its caliber, V.Flash builds in a high dosage of learning with its exclusive collection of SmartDisc software. It’s the perfect balance between learning and entertainment.

With each SmartDisc, players can navigate through the Smart Play Game Zone, Creative Workshop and Knowledge World, all featuring a library of real customized videos. Each SmartDisc is encased in a protective shield that ensures safe, scratchproof play. System comes with joystick, AC power adapter and cables for connecting to your TV, plus your child’s first SmartDisc (Jumpin’ Bean Island) to start her off on her collection. Additional SmartDiscs sold separately. Measures 7.7″L x 11.8″W x 3″H.

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